Northern Virginia Appliance Repair Runs in the Family

My family has been servicing appliances in Northern Virginia for 50 years.For this blog post I just wanted to share with you all the role appliance repair has played in my family for over 50 years. The picture to the left is my Grandfather, Jerry’s, business card from the 1950’s. He opened Jerry’s Appliance Service in 1955 in Falls Church, VA. As you can see his minimum charge was only $4.00 back then! He worked hard day and night for many years building his company from a small start-up into a multi-million dollar a year full service appliance repair company. At one point he had as many as 10 vans on the road everyday providing service to Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Many members of my family worked for the company including my Dad being one of his most popular technicians and my Mom, Grandmother, and Aunts working the phones in the office. Needless to say appliance repair has provided many an opportunity for my family to earn a living.

It is from the strength and determination of my Grandfather that I channel my own motivation to grow my company. I want to provide the same outstanding service and repairs that my Grandfather provided for so many years to the great people of Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Unfortunately, we lost my Grandfather, Jerry, to Alzheimer’s about 5 years ago. My father now owns and operates his company. My hope is that my Grandfather will look down on what I am doing with my business and be proud that I am continuing his legacy. Some of my fondest memories as a child were hanging around his appliance shop or going out on service calls with him and my Dad. I learned so much over the years and feel very confident in my ability to provide lasting and honest appliance repairs.

Pop-Pop, this ones for you. It is in your name and your honor that I devote the integrity of my company. I will make you proud.

If you need any of the following please don’t hesitate to call Presidential Appliance Repair at 703-608-0193: Refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, washer/dryer repair, oven repair, garbage disposal repair, microwave repair, stove repair, range repair, freezer repair, or any other major appliance repair.


Appliance Repair at its Finest

Hello, and thank you for reading our blog. This is our first post and I would like to take the opportunity to explain who we are and what we stand for at Presidential Appliance Repair. My goal as owner of this company is to be there in every way for our loyal customers. I love responding to questions and comments on our Facebook page, blog, or over the phone. If you have general questions about a possible repair or just want advice on what brand to buy, I would love to have the opportunity to help. I chose the name “Presidential” because I believe it implies a certain standard of professionalism and community service that I want my company to convey. Lets take a look at what words are commonly thought of when we hear the term “Presidential.”presidential appliance repair logo

1. The highest authority: I want my company to be the leading authority when it comes to appliance repair service. Our technicians are highly trained and capable of fixing any problem.

2. Professionalism: We will take every opportunity to display the utmost professionalism when you do business with us.

3. Trust: Presidents earn the trust of the people by sticking to their word and helping build a better society. We will do the same at Presidential Appliance Repair. Our word is our bond.

4. For the people: We are 100% for the people. Our repairs are honest, reliable, and at the lowest possible cost. We are here for you!

5. Accountable: We will always be held accountable for our repairs and service. If you are not happy, we aren’t either.

These are just a few of the core values that we exhibit here at Presidential Appliance Repair. The purpose of this blog will be to provide helpful tips on maintaining healthy appliances, as well as how to repair them yourselves. It is apart of our community outreach initiative by providing helpful insights into the world of major appliance ownership. Please check back regularly for information that may help you save money!