About Us

Presidential Appliance Repair is committed to serving the community with honesty and integrity. Our mission is to be the only appliance repair company you will ever need in the life of your home ownership.  Our goal is to provide repairs that stand the test of time, that are no way in excess of what your appliance needs, and that are at the lowest possible cost.  We believe these values will lead to customer loyalty and in exchange will be far more fruitful than the deceptive practices of so many repair companies.

My name is Tim and I am the owner of Presidential Appliance Repair. Appliance repair has been in my family for over 50 years, dating back to 1955 when my grandfather started his business. He owned and operated an appliance repair company serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC for 40 years. My father worked for him for 20 years before taking over his business when my grandfather retired. I have been trained on how to fix appliances by my grandfather and father since I was a little kid. Now, at 34 years old I own and operate my own appliance repair company. I guess you can say appliance repair is in my blood, literally!

My goal is to maintain the same values my grandfather and father have provided to their customers for 50 years, while taking customer service to an entirely new level. My family has always operated with the belief that providing honest, reliable service to it’s customers at nothing more than a fair price, will lead to a dependable, lasting relationship. I am putting a twist on this though. My goal is do provide that great service, but also make every effort to help my customers through my facebook page, my website, text messaging, or advice over the phone. I want to be the most helpful technologically advanced appliance repair company in Northern Virginia. So if you have questions about do it yourself endeavors, a failing appliance, or scheduling feel free to post a comment on facebook, text, call, or email me. I am here to help in any way I can!