Refrigerator Repair

We repair refrigerators in Northern Virginia.Problem:   “My refrigerator isn’t cold and I don’t hear the compressor running.”

Solution:   What a bummer!  Talk about a scary day.  Realizing your refrigerator isn’t keeping your food cold can cause many to go into a panic with thoughts of having to throw out hundreds of dollars of food.  Put those worries aside and call Presidential Appliance Repair immediately!  We put refrigerator calls on the highest priority and can usually have it up and running before any food has to be wasted.  This problem is usually just a bad start relay, a bad main control board, or a defrost problem.  We commonly stock all parts on our trucks to provide timely service for such a critical problem.


Problem:    “Water is leaking to the bottom of my freezer causing ice to build up.”

Solution:    If you find water on the floor in front of your refrigerator, or a big block of ice frozen to the bottom of your freezer, you are most likely the unlucky recipient of a clogged defrost drain.  Once or twice a day your refrigerator turns off and the defrost cycle begins.  A heater turns on and melts all the frost off of the evaporator to allow it to cool properly.  That water then travels down a defrost drain to a pan at the bottom of the refrigerator, where the heat from the compressor evaporates it.  Unfortunately, it is very common for the defrost drain to get clogged with lint or debris, which causes the water to get backed up and freeze.  This will then lead to water going everywhere the next time the defrost cycle begins.  If you are having this problem call us and one of our experienced technicians will come melt the ice and unclog your defrost drain immediately.