Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher repairs in Northern Virginia.

Problem:    “My dishes aren’t coming out clean after the cycle.”

Solution:    Hey, aren’t the dishes supposed to come out cleaner than when you put them in!?  Well yes, yes they are!  Sometimes dishwashers neglect their main basic function which is to CLEAN the dishes.  If you are experiencing this problem, it can be caused by a number of different things.  The most common explanation is that the sump/strainer area of your dishwasher is clogged with food particles, tooth picks, chicken bones, or some other unwelcome debris.  The manual for your dishwasher usually states that you do not have to wash off your dishes before putting them in to the appliance.  However, we are here to say: Yes you do!!  Not rinsing your dishes of food matter will cause your dishwasher to have problems over time.  The manufacturer makes it very difficult for you to unclog this area on your own, so call Presidential Appliance Repair today to get your dishwasher cleaning like new again.


Problem:    “My dishwasher doesn’t seem to be filling with enough water.”

Solution:    Maybe your dishwasher didn’t get the memo that it needs water to clean!  More likely though is that the water inlet valve under the dishwasher has stopped functioning properly.  If your dishwasher is either not filling, filling too slow, or over filling, you will need an experienced appliance technician to come replace your inlet valve.  A water inlet valve is usually controlled by two solenoids that are magnetically opened to let water pass into the dishwasher.  One or both of these solenoids tend to go bad over time and will function intermittently or not at all.  If the valve gets stuck open it can cause a flood to your entire kitchen, so do not hesitate to get it repaired if you think something has gone afoul.  Presidential Appliance Repair would be happy to help!


Problem:    “There is a leak coming from under my dishwasher.”

Solution:    Drip, drip, drip, drip……. drip, drip, drip drip!  Ahhhhh water leaks can be such a headache to figure out, so leave it to the professionals at Presidential Appliance Repair to find the cause of your leaky dishwasher.  Most of the culprits for leaks are found underneath the tub of the dishwasher, behind the bottom panel.  Under there is the drain pump, fill valve, motor, and water circulation pump.  All of these have been known to leak water at one time or another.  It could also be your soup cup grommet, door gasket, or steam vent that is allowing water to find it’s way to unwelcome places.  Call us today and schedule a service call if you are finding water pooling near your dishwasher.  Our experienced technicians are like crime detectives when it comes to diagnosing leaks!