Garbage Disposal Repair

We repair Garbage Disposals in Northern Virginia.Problem:    “My garbage disposal is jammed.”

Solution:    So you’re cleaning up after that big luncheon, giving your garbage disposal a good workout and suddenly, it just stops working.  Chances are your garbage disposal is jammed.  Before calling an appliance repairman, try this:  Turn off power to the disposal before you do anything.  Next, with the power off, put your hand inside the sink opening and feel around for any debris clogging the appliance.  Be careful of sharp objects such as glass or bones.  Pull out anything that might be wedged in between the grinding plate and hammers.  Finally, turn the power back on to the garbage disposal, run the water, and turn on the garbage disposal.  Hopefully you will have unclogged it and it will work again.  If not, call Presidential Appliance Repair today!


Problem:    “My garbage disposal is making a humming noise and not working.”

Solution:    It would be nice if your garbage disposal was just trying to hum you a nice little song, but chances are it’s humming is not for entertaining.  When a garbage disposal starts humming, it is usually because it has gotten caught on itself while grinding food.  In doing so it has tripped it’s internal breaker.  Before calling us, try pressing the red reset button on the bottom or side of the garbage disposal.  This will reset the motor and may solve the humming problem.  If it does not, then you may have bigger problems.  At this point you should have one of our highly trained, licensed technicians come and repair your garbage disposal.